WOHLSTAND EDUCATION conducts various training programs specially tailored for Professionals, Corporate Companies and Colleges. WOHLSTAND EDUCATION provides a well-disposed and stimulating study environment addressing the intellectual, professional and leader development of students. Our Automation and Embedded Technologies Training Programs in Thane provide the best practice in the latest technologies, trends and challenges in the immensely competitive areas of Automation and Embedded Technologies Courses in Thane.

DCS Training Institute in Thane ( DISTRIBUTED CONTROL SYSTEM ) refers to a process control system or any kind of dynamic system, in which the controller elements are not central in location but are distributed throughout the system with each component sub-system controlled by one or more controllers. 

Top DCS Training Classes in Thane is a completely computerized control system where an entire system of controllers and field devices are connected to a common communication network.

Best DCS Training Courses in Thane is a very broad term used in a variety of industries for monitoring and controlling of distributed equipment.

WOHLSTAND EDUCATION Automation Courses in Thane offers DCS Training Program in Thane for long years. WOHLSTAND EDUCATION DCS Training Institute in Thane is specially tailored for Professionals, Corporate Companies and Colleges. Successfully completed Top DCS Training Courses in Thane and placed on reputed companies all over the world. WOHLSTAND EDUCATION is an ISO certified company.

DCS Training Programs in Thane:

DCS Engineering Training Courses in Thane & Maintenance Duration – 30 Hrs
Distributed Control Systems Courses in Thane are used for complex loop controls in process industries. Here the control function is distributed among different controllers. Best DCS Training Institute in Thane system can handle thousands of I/O in digital and analog formats. They also provide more redundancy to the plant control.
  • INTEL 8051 Mcus.8051/89c51 Architectures
  • DCS Evolution
  • DCS System Overview
  • DCS Hardware Overview
  • Field Control Station Overview
  • Human Interface Station Overview
  • Operation of Standard Display Panels
  • Tuning Parameter Display
  • Tuning Parameter Description
  • Operation of Standard
  • Display Panels
  • Feedback Control
  • Instruments Operation
  • Sequence Control Instruments Operation
  • Real-Time Graphic Display Features
  • Process Alarm Management
  • Annunciator Message Management
  • Operator Guide Message Management
  • Human Interface System Utility Functions
  • Peripheral Device Connectivity
  • Human Interface Station Configuration
  • Field Control Station Configuration
  • Field Wiring Schematics for Analog & Digital Signals
  • Control Drawing Builder
  • Feedback Control Instrument
  • Generation
  • Software Switches
  • Configuration
  • Sequence Control Instrument
  • Generation
  • Operation Windows Configuration
  • Control Group Display
  • Process Overview Display
  • Trend Recording Display
  • Process Report
  • Historical Report
  • Image File Utility
  • System Status Display
  • FCS Configuration
  • Sequence Tables
  • Logic Charts
  • HIS Configuration
  • Graphic Builder
  • Message Definition
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Project Common Definition
  • I / O Module Configuration
  • Generation of Interlocks
  • Operation Group Overview

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