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The tremendous growth in construction industry lead to more optimized controls and energy saving practices. The world is becoming smarter and greener by the implementation of high end automation systems. One of the best resources of your Building can have is a fully integrated building management system. And once you understand how a BMS in Training Center in Thane works you will understand why it is so vital to the success of your business. It is useful for business people and also to the working people to enhance the technology and moreover the industry is looking for skilled engineers who can meet all the equirements in BMS Training Institute in Thane sector. If you want to become a skilled BMS ENGINEER Training Courses in Thane, join the courses and get trained in the Online BMS Training in Thane Sector. WOHLSTAND EDUCATION CERTIFIED BMS ENGINEER Training Institute in Thane program is a golden opportunity to enhance your employability in home automation and BMS Education Training Center in Thane  sector .


Certified BMS Engineer (CBE) Duration – 240 hrs / 3 Months

Fundamentals of Building Management System

  • Basic Design Criteria

  • Components Used in BMS

  • Familiarization of Security Systems

  • Concept of Green & Smart Design

  • Energy Management Systems

  • MEP Design Fundamentals

Basic Electronics

  • Basic Rules – OHMS Law, Faradays Law, KCL, KVL

  • Passive Components

  • Active Components

  • Power Electronics Components

  • Familiarization of Tools – Multimeter, Soldering, Desoldering

  • Selection of Components and Color Codes

  • Boolen Algebra Systems

  • Combination Logic Systems


  • Microprocessors & Micro Controllers

  • Architecture

  • Programming Practice

  • IC Burning

  • Interfacing Keyboard, LCD, Stepper Motor, LED Displays

Basic Electrical Engineering

  • Single Phase and Three Phase Systems

  • AC Systems and DC systems

  • Laws of electo Mechanisms

  • Different Types Loads – Load Calculation

  • Measurement of Current, Voltage, Power

  • Different Types of Motors

  • Different Types of Earthing

  • Safety and Protection

Relay Logic Systems

  • Basic of Relays, Contractors, Timers, OLR, MCCBB, ACB

  • Digital Timers, Counters

  • Motor Control Circuits – D.O.L, Star, Delta

  • Implementation of Fire Alarm Logic

  • Logic Implementation circuit Examples

Control Panels

  • Different Types of Panels

  • Panel Components

  • Wiring and Trouble Shooting

  • AMF Panels

  • APFC Panels

  • Power Management Systems

Servo Drives

  • Basics of Motor – DC Motor, Stepper, Servo

  • Feedback System

  • Speed Control

  • Torque Control

  • Selection of Servo Motor and Drives

  • Programming of Motor Drives

  • Interfacing with PLC, HMI


  • Introduction to VFD

  • Types of Speed control for Motors

  • Selection of VFD’s

  • Programming of VFD

  • Fault Correction

  • Interfacing with HMI, PLC


  • Concept of LAN, VAN

  • Implementing of Networks

  • Sharing of Files, Printers, Scanners Etc.

  • Network Protocols – TCP/IP, Ethernet, Modbus, Canbus, Profibus

CCTV – Honeywell & Hikvision

  • Selection of Camera

  • Transmission media Selection, Cabling

  • Different Types of Cameras

  • Night Vision Systems

  • DVR Configuration – Honeywell

  • NVR Configuration – Hikvision

  • IP Cameras and Networking

  • Remote Monitoring Through Phone and Internet

  • Troubleshooting of Camera

  • Positioning a camera

Security Systems – Intruder Alarms

  • Application of Alarm System

  • Architecture of Intruder Systems

  • GSM Enabled Control Panel

  • PIR Sensors

  • Vibration Sensors

  • Gas Leakage Detectors

  • EM Locks

  • Beam Sensors

Biometric Access Control – Honeywell

  • RFID Cards

  • Installation and Configuration

  • Finger Print Access

  • Report Preparation

  • Magnetic Locks

  • Application

  • Software configuration

Fire Alarms & Panels – Honeywell

  • Architecture of fire Alarms

  • Sensors – Heat, Smoke, PIR

  • Conventional Fire Alarm Panels

  • Addressable Fire Alarm Panels

  • Cabling

  • Safety Standards

  • Alarms

  • PA Systems

  • Recorders

  • Installation Criteria’s

  • Keypads configuration/Software configuration

BMS Configuration

  • Basic Parameters

  • Energy Measurement

  • Transmission Techniques

  • Network Protocols – Modbus, Profibus, Canbus


  • Monitoring the Process Through Sensors – Connection Details

  • Analog Addressing, Continuous Process Monitoring and Control

  • NO/NC Concept

  • Data File Handling – Forcing I/O

  • Wiring and Fault Correction

  • Programming Practices


  • HMI System Overview

  • HMI Hardware Overview

  • Operation of Standard Display Panels

  • Display Panels – Textual and Graphical

  • Communication with PLC and Drives


  • SCADA Packages

  • Role of SCADA in Industrial Automation

  • Script Programming

  • Real Time and Historical Trend

  • Configuring Alarms

  • Real Time Project Development with PLC Interfacing

  • Communication with Other Software

  • Recipe Management

  • Accessing Different Security Levels

  • Report Generation of Current Plant

Field Instruments

  • Common Instrumentation Parameters – Set point, Measured Variable, Manipulated

  • Variable, Error, Zero & Span, Hysteresis, Accuracy

  • Measurement of Level, Temperature, Pressure, Flow

  • Calibration of Transmitters

Pneumatics & Hydraulics

  • Pneumatic Cylinders, Valves, Positioner

  • Basic terms of Pneumatics/Hydraulics

  • Control Valves

  • Calibration

  • I/P Converter

  • ADC

  • Pressure transmitter Visit our Website 

Video Door Phones

Lighting Controls

Solar Panels

UPS and Generators

Surge & Lightning Protection Systems

Automatic Gates & Barriers

HVAC Systems


Interview Training

Aptitude Test

Group Discussion

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