Become a Certified Internet of Things (IoT) Security Expert Courses in Thane. The Internet of Things Security Expert course is a 360° training program offered by Wohlstand Education to professionals who seek to deepen their knowledge in the field of Internet of Things (IoT). The program is customized based on comprehensive knowledge about various IoT Security Electronics Embedded Training in Thane platforms. This program is designed by industry experts to provide hands-on training with tools that are used to speed up the training process.
The program is inclusive of full-fledged training, starting with Python and advanced IoT training to IoT security Electronics Embedded Training Institute in Thane, all of which are found to be essential for IoT Security Experts Electronics Embedded Training Courses Thane. These modules together will provide a solid foundation and give a competitive edge in the learning process.
This course is specifically targeted to passionate professionals who are willing to get promoted to the next level within the IoT domain and have already gained expertise in the basic Python.
Why Take 360° Master’s Program in IoT Security Electronics Embedded Training?
Wohlstand Education’s IoT Security Expert Best Electronics Embedded Training Courses in Thane will enable candidates to:
  • Build, test, and deploy applications using Python
  • Learn suitability of Python and use it to write device, gateway, and cloud-based applications and scripts
  • Gain advanced-level knowledge to architect, build, and implement IoT projects from the selection of the right components to securing the ecosystem using relevant tools and technologies
  • Build a security plan, extend security to peripheries, and gain familiarity with fundamental cryptographic algorithms needed to safeguard IoT systems
Overview Of The Modules
A rigorous 120 hours of training would be given to the candidates in this program, wherein they would be made to study the following three major modules and significant case studies at the end of the program.
The objective of this module is to deliver a clear understanding of Python as a versatile and popular programming language. It will familiarize candidates with the basic and advanced features of Python. It covers an overview of Python, data types, functions, classes, modules, and libraries. The inherent scientific nature and a group of optimized scientific libraries make Python the best choice for IoT application development, especially IoT analytics.
Advanced IoT Training and Certification:
In this module, candidates will be taught architecting, designing, developing, deploying, and securing IoT ecosystems. Candidates will learn concepts of data, information, knowledge, Sensor Data acquisition, mining and analytics, and the evolution of automated systems into autonomous systems. This module will cover various real-life case studies and use cases like asset tracking, health monitoring using wearables, smart city application, and many more. The course has been structured to deliver expert-level knowledge of tools, technologies, and best practices to build and deploy the best-in-breed IoT solutions.
IoT Security Electronics Embedded Training:
This module is designed to educate candidates about various aspects of securing IoT devices. The candidates will learn about IoT architecture, practical attacks, threats and risks, practical hacking sessions, vulnerability disclosure, securing connected products, and many more interesting topics. It covers end-to-end deployment of security from devices to clouds using standard security frameworks.
Each of the modules would be followed by practical assignments that are to be completed before the commencement of the next class, to ensure candidates learn properly and clear all their questions before moving ahead.
Who Can Take IoT Security Expert Training Electronics Embedded Training?
  • This course is designed for tech-savvy individuals who seek in-depth knowledge of the field of the Internet of Things. Moreover, it offers promising benefits to newcomers, experienced developers and architects, corporate IT professionals, engineers, and other professionals.
  • Pre-requisites for IoT Security Expert Training Course in Thane
  • Our industry experts would give candidates the required information from basics where necessary and will adapt to the skill range of the candidates, providing individual assistance throughout to be an IoT Security Expert, so, there are no particular pre-requisites as such for learning this program at Wohlstand Education. However, knowledge of basic programming concepts will be beneficial, but certainly not a mandate.
  • Curriculum
  • Python overview
  • Syntax and structure
  • Comparisons to other languages (C, C++, Java, etc)
  • Available Python Resources
  • Whitespace, Indentation and program formatting
  • Variables and Naming Conventions
  • Operators
  • Statement structure
  • Comments
  • Program Construction 
Data Types
  • Built-in Types
  • Strings and Numbers
  • Formatting Data, Numbers, Dates
  • Using Lists/Arrays
  • Tuples
  • Dictionaries
  • Understanding Dynamic Typing
  • Working with Functions
  • Python Code Execution
  • Basic Input / Output
  • String Operations
  • Working with Tuples and Lists
  • Introducing Control Flow Statements
  • Variable Scope
  • Variable Parameters
  • Default Values
  • Positional Parameters
  • Keyword Parameters
  • Introducing Lambdas
  • Exception Handling
  1. Classes in Python
  2. Creating Classes in Python
  3. Classes are Namespaces
  4. Constructors
  5. Self and Instances
  6. Class Variables
  7. List Comprehensions
  8. Advance Python Modules
  9. Default Values
  10. Positional Parameters
  11. Keyword Parameters
  12. Introducing Lambdas
  13. Exception Handling
It is our pleasure to serve you a low-cost proposal on ” DTMF Based Wireless Robotics “. It is a robotics system in which robot can control with the help mobile phone keypad using DTMF technology and advanced embedded workbench “.The workshop will be conducted by IIT Bombay.
Syllabus :
  • Introduction to robotics
  • Introduction to wireless communication
  • Detail concept of mobile communication like GSM Bluetooth, RF communication, Zigbee, RFID etc.
  • Introduction to DTMF technology
  • Practical demonstration and application of DTMF technology
  • Concept of interfacing DTMF decoders with mobile phone
  • Concept of interfacing DTMF decoders with microcontrollers
  • Advanced Embedded System workbench and their sections
  • Concept of microcontroller configuration and functioning
  • Concept of microcontroller programming and structure
  • Serial communication-related concept
  • Interconnection of various components to design basic robot body
  • Concept of robot building and assembling
  • Practical concept of motor driver assembly, motor interfacing their interfacing with microcontroller
Benefits to Participants
  • Gain practical concept of wireless communication
  • The concept of DTMF decoders and their interaction with a various system
  • develop a very good understanding of microcontroller programming and peripheral interfacing
  • Practical knowledge and experience of robot assembly and maintenance
  • The knowledge of programming and coding leads to develop confidence in project designing, hence B.Tech / projects can be developed easily
  • Can help and easily get the good job opportunity in wireless and robotics field
  • Help to face job interviews with confidence
Key Features :
  • Complete practical hand on a session with theory concepts
  • Use of embedded workbench which can be used to learn embedded systems letter on
  • Designed by IIT, Bombay along with industrial standard
  • Highly qualified and skillful trainers
  • Quality product designed by Wohlstand Education with the help of industrial expert
Who Should Attend :
  • Those who are interested in understanding technology practically
  • Those who want to do a project in wireless communication and Robotics
  • Those who want to improve their practical and technical skills and create something innovative
  • Those who want to get a job in the technical domain
What we provide – Robot Kit Content
  • Hardware
  • Complete Robot Kit
  • Embedded Work Bench Development Board
  • DTMF decoder module with serial interface peripherals
  • Interfacing devices and Programming cable
  • DC Motors
  • Wheels
  • Audio Jack
  • Chassis
  • Battery
  • Kit Packaging case and other required tools
  • Industrial standard national level certificate from Wohlstand Education(to every participant individually)
  • Software
  • Microcontroller Programming Software
  • Code Burning Software
Study Material
  1. Booklets on ” Wireless Communication Modules “
  2. Booklets on ” Robot Construction Assembly and Maintenance “
  3. Booklets on ” Embedded Workbench Development Board “
  4. Booklets on ” How to use programming and flashing software
 Workshop Structure: The workshop is split into 4 modules
  • Understanding DTMF Technology and DTMF based wireless robotics - 4 Hrs
  • Design and Assembling of Robot - 4 Hrs
  • Software Concept and Programming Robot - 3 Hrs
  • Demonstration of designed Robots - 3 Hrs

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